How It Works for Employers:

Employers - More Recruiters Working on Your Priority Positions, All in One Place.

Take advantage of our innovative approach that brings health-care recruiters and employers together. Let HeadHunter Health Exchange help you fill more positions in a more effective way. Submit your open healthcare jobs to HeadHunter Health Exchange and healthcare specific recruiters from around the country will get to work sourcing candidates. Speak with recruiters only after they have submitted a candidate you're interested in speaking with - saving time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the recruiting process.

By using HeadHunter Health Exchange, your administrative processes will be streamlined. For instance, if you fill five different positions through five different recruiters in our network you will still receive invoices from only one source - HeadHunter Health Exchange. Get started today and begin filling your positions with one point of contact, only one contract with clear Terms and Conditions, and access to healthcare specific recruiters nationwide.

Join HeadHunter Health Exchange and …


Fill your healthcare positions more efficiently!

ü       Achieve greater visibility to your healthcare positions

ü       Access many experienced healthcare Recruiters in one place

ü       With more Recruiters working to fill your positions, receive more qualified Candidates submissions

ü       With just one point of contact, have more time to manage other aspects of the hiring process

ü       Let HeadHunter Health Exchange be your reliable partner in today’s dynamic recruiting environment

ü       Work with one supplier, have one contract and have one point of contact for invoicing

Streamline the Hiring Process!

ü       Fill all your healthcare related positions through HeadHunter Health Exchange instead of working with multiple sources

ü       Achieve operational efficiencies through streamlined processes

ü       Automate the hiring process and receive notification only when candidates are submitted for your opening

ü       Only work with a Recruiter after they have submitted a candidate you're interested in speaking with

ü       Receive empirical data to understand the recruiting/hiring process and how you can improve your hire rate


Join the Newest Healthcare Hiring Network!

ü       Associate yourself with like-minded individuals, all dedicated to the healthcare hiring process

ü       All members, both Employers and Recruiters, are specifically healthcare focused


The best part? HeadHunter Health Exchange is FREE to Employers. Once a candidate is successfully hired through HeadHunter Health Exchange, you'll simply pay a placement fee. Learn more about joining HeadHunter Health Exchange today by reading our Employer Frequently Asked Questions.