How It Works for Recruiters:

Recruiters - Access More Healthcare Job Orders and Make More Income.

Let HeadHunter Health Exchange take your recruiting business to the next level. Become a member and access more healthcare job openings, submit more candidates, and make more money than you do through the traditional recruiting model. Never worry about client contracts or "preferred vendor" status again.

As an industry specific employment network, HeadHunter Health Exchange connects top health-care employers with recruiters nationwide. We have streamlined the recruiting process, allowing more positions to be filled in less time. Candidates can be "queued" for future job openings that match their qualifications. Receive instant “Match Making” email notifications when employers are interested. Best of all, the longer you use HeadHunter Health Exchange, the more “Match Making” emails (and passive income) you will receive.

Join HeadHunter Health Exchange and …

Streamline your Candidate Submission Process!

ü       Gain access to top employers and more "open" healthcare positions nationwide

ü       Spend less time prospecting for new clients

ü       Waste no time becoming a "preferred vendor"

ü       Get your "foot in the door" with new clients

ü       Eliminate all contractual issues

ü       Streamline the flow of communication during the recruiting process


Outsource your Administrative and Back Office tasks!

ü       Clear Terms & Conditions-no negotiating necessary

ü       We invoice the Employer on your behalf

ü       We manage dispute resolution

ü       Experience the next generation of communication and interaction with the client

ü       Receive up to date information regarding candidate’s status


Make more passive and active income!

ü       Earn passive income by “queuing” each candidate submission for future job order alerts

ü       Focus on candidate generation  

ü       Learn full details on positions before you submit candidates

ü       Work on a higher volume of jobs

ü       Have the opportunity to go deeper within your niche, working with more clients within your specialty nationwide

ü       Earn a larger split (80/20) through HeadHunter Health Exchange instead of the typical 50/50

ü       Build a team faster and more successfully that can focus strictly on candidate generation


Move into new markets seamlessly by focusing on candidate generation instead of securing job orders.

Learn more about joining HeadHunter Health Exchange today by reading our HeadHunter Frequently Asked Questions