“Headhunter Health Exchange has created an extensive employment network that brings healthcare employers and recruiters together. I wish this service would have been available earlier! It would have saved me a lot of time and effort finding the right employees. I look forward to using this service for all my recruiting needs.”

Tony Tascione DOP,
Specialty Pharmacy

“At times, it is a challenge for me to find qualified pharmacists for open positions in my company. I often rely on recruiters to find the right employees but often I end up negotiating different contracts and deal with lots of people for one job opening. I can now go to the Headhunter Health Exchange website, post my job and have top-notch recruiters submit qualified candidates to me for review online. Headhunter Health Exchange has definitely simplified the way I recruit key staff for my company. I can see how this website benefits both employers and recruiters.”

Cal Gray President,
Nuclear Pharmacy

“As an experienced healthcare executive, I know how important it is to fill key positions with qualified employees as quickly as possible. It can be challenging to find passive candidates who are willing to look at a new opportunity. This unique site gives us access to top healthcare recruiters, enhances the employment process and offers the back office support busy executives and HR departments need. What a great concept!”

Tammy Barben,
CEO , Acute Care

“HeadHunter Health Exchange is an innovative concept that will be of great benefit for the healthcare market. Finding qualified candidates for a key position can be time consuming and at times frustrating. This method of linking employers with experienced recruiters streamlines the employment process and creates administrative efficiency.”

Jeffrey P. Houck, Executive Director,
Odyssey Healthcare

“HeadHunter Health Exchange is the perfect solution for our recruiting needs. They deliver high quality candidates because they focus only on health-care. That allows us to fill our critical openings faster and more efficiently than by traditional recruiting methods. This enterprise allows my team to focus on other important day-to-day HR tasks.”

Amanda Remington,
Director of HR, Spalding Regional

“I would recommend that every hiring authority in the health-care sector take a serious look at HeadHunter Health Exchange. By consolidating all of my recruiting activities into one easy-to-use system, I not only can manage my recruitment process more efficiently, but it also allows me to use my team more effectively with improved results.”

Clay Huebner, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator,
St. Francis Hospital